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About Zee, Turn Back Time Beauty

About Zee

Zee is a master of her craft, offering the highest level of excellence in cosmetic tattooing and more!

She has been trained by the best in the business and has developed her own unique style in permanent makeup technique. Her attention to detail and perfectionist approach to her craft ensures each client receives a natural-looking result.

In addition to providing top-notch service to her clients, Zee is committed to helping others learn and grow in the cosmetic tattooing industry. She holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and regularly trains aspiring tattoo artists. With her expertise and experience, Zee is an invaluable resource in the field.


At Zee’s studio, clients can expect an individualised approach that focuses on creating a look that is both beautiful and natural. Her commitment to providing the highest quality of service is what sets her apart and makes her one of the most sought-after cosmetic tattoo artists in the industry.

About Turn Back Time Beauty

Hey there! Welcome to Turn Back Time Beauty – a place where we're all about embracing your unique beauty, inside and out. We get it; life can be pretty hectic, and sometimes, a little self-care and pampering can go a long way. That's where we come in! We specialize in cosmetic tattooing, Eyebrows, Lips, and more to help you feel your absolute best.


First and foremost, we're not just a team of experts; we're a team of enthusiasts. We absolutely love what we do, and we're excited to share that passion with you!  Our goal is to make you feel like the best version of yourself, whether that means beautifully defined brows, lush lashes, or smooth, glowing skin.

We're not just about cookie-cutter treatments. Nope! We believe in personalisation because we know that beauty is as unique as you are. We'll chat with you, get to know you and your preferences which will allow us to create a look that's tailored just for you.

When it comes to our techniques, we're always in the know about the latest trends. We use cutting-edge methods to ensure that you walk out of our studio feeling on top of the world.

Our studio? It's more like a cosy retreat where you can relax and unwind while we work our magic. Your comfort is super important to us!

So, if you're looking to turn back the clock on your beauty game, you've come to the right place. Explore our services, and let's embark on this beauty journey together. At Turn Back Time Beauty, we're all about helping you embrace your beauty, because you're already amazing just the way you are!

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